Sean MacCarron – Alpine Snowboard Coach

Sean MacCarron is an amazing coach and mentor. His guidance and support has taken me from a novice hard boot snowboarder to a national-level competitor in just two years of training. With decades of on-snow experience, both instructing and coaching, Sean has acquired expert abilities in understanding and developing each individual athlete that he works with.

Sean works with his racers from the ground up. He understands the stages of development that are essential to proper growth and development for a racer. Starting with the basics of form and height, he manages their growth by making them aware of their movements and how they effect their balance, speed, and overall performance. He is confident in his methods and of the plan that he has for his athletes.
Sean is able to assist his athletes in all phases of their personal development. Between the physical strength demanded of skiing and snowboarding, to the awareness of body positioning, to the mental strain of race day, he instills a confidence in his athletes that allows them to handle the pressure, fatigue, and emotion of a five month racing season. Sean keeps his training sessions fresh with new concepts, that continually challenge his athletes to work harder and smarter.

Sean is also a great mentor for his athletes. He leads by example, teaching his athletes lessons that reach well beyond the mountain. He is an avid environmentalist, with a determined effort to recycle and use only reusable products, minimizing his waste on the earth. He encourages his athletes to be respectful of each other and be grateful for the opportunities that they have. He also has a major role in the design of our snowboards. Utilizing his technical and scientific understanding of equipment design, Sean is able to relay his ideas of board design directly to a Colorado snowboard manufacturer, who turns these ideas into handcrafted high performance snowboards. Sean is passionate about the development of all aspects of the sport, and he is a positive influence on the countless number of athletes that he has taught and coached.



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