Nutrition Clinic

  • Meet your daily energy demands
    • Without enough fuel in your tank you’re at great risk for injury
    • Break a 2,500 calorie daily intake into 4-6 400-600 calorie meals
  • Stay hydrated
    • aim at drinking half your body weight (pounds) in fluid ounces each day
      • doesn’t include coffee, just room temperature liquids
  • one hour before workout ingest 16-24 oz. of water
  • during workouts aim to intake 5-12 oz every 20 minutes
  • if workout lasts 90 minutes or more take in a drink with electrolytes
  • try to take in a sports drink or something with electrolytes after a workout
  • Eat prior to high intensity or long duration workouts
    • One our prior to workout eat an energy bar or a piece of toast with peanut butter and a sliced banana on top
    • Try to minimize the amount of fiber, protein, and fat in the meal; these will slow down digestion and may cause gastrointestinal problems during the workout
  • Be sure to refuel when training 90 minutes or longer
    • To optimize fuel usage (burn fat, spare your limited carbohydrate stores), be sure to start refueling after 90 minutes
    • Replenish by consuming the equivalent of 1 energy gel with electrolyte enhanced water every ½ hour beyond 90 minutes of training or racing
  • After hard training efforts, eat a carbohydrate-protein combination
    • Within 30 minutes after finishing your workout
    • Female triathletes, a 200-250 calorie snack is appropriate whereas most male triathletes will require closer to 300+ calories for post workout replenishment
    • You could opt for a sports food or you can go for real food
    • Post workout recovery foods include low-fat chocolate milk, smoothies with a protein boost, peanut butter/honey/banana sandwiches, salted pretzels dipped in yogurt, and cottage cheese/fruit combinations
    • Meal replacement shakes like Boost and Ensure also provide a convenient nutritional punch when time is at a minimum

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