70mi Bike Gloucester St to Gloucester MA

70-mile Bike ride today. Found a lovely coffee shop in Gloucester, MA: Lone Gull Coffeehouse.


Here’s the route I took. From Boston via 99-107-127. Fairly simple except for some trickery getting out of the city. And best to do a morning weekend ride as there are stretches of divided highway.


P.S. I did some serious bucket list checking today: Experienced a double-flat coming home in Somerville. Somewhere on Rt 99, there is this dim underpass, in which I hit a recessed drain and double-flatted (Bucketlist check #1). Thankfully, I was close to an Orange Line  stop and was able to ride this to Back Bay station (bucketlist check #2), not far from my apartment. I would add my priceless walk of shame as I pushed my damaged steed up Boylston and Newbury Streets, both shoeless and clothed in spandex. Classic.

Note to Boston cyclists: you can take you bike on Orange, Red, and Blue lines…but not the Green line…for liability reasons…not sure why liability would be different than the other lines.


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