Spandex & Fluoro

Spandex has been booming since the advent of performance athletic gear and the benefits of compression as a means of active recovery. Thanks to the likes of Under Armor, Nike, and Omega…I mean Lululemon; traditional fitness clothing has been reborn with a sexy smooth style that makes it ALMOST permissible to wear spandex in public. I will explain, OK for Women, not OK for men. Especially overweight ‘cyclist men. You dudes are the worst offenders of spandex protocol. Though i’m a big fan of cycling kits and their benefits on a long ride, they are not recommended for your bi-monthly gym routine, nor your stray appearance to a yoga class. But I digress, i had no intention of going negative in this post, as if i were to show you my workout drawer, it is chalk full of spandex shorts and technical t’s.

I admit to being an offender to my own rule every now and again. Particularly on long run days around the Charles, it’s a good feeling to hit the river in your race digs, so that you impart on your fellow runners that you are ‘somebody important.’ That is how I roll. Bright yellow Saucony Fastwitch 4’s, Hammer nutrition tri shorts, TYR race beater. Add in the old school blue iridium-lensed Oakleys, and a Nike visor, and whoa was that, that one white running guy that i think I’ve heard about once before? Nope just me, Mr. Semi-Pro. But hey, isn’t that what it’s all about? We don’t race just for ourselves. We race for our family, our gym, our community, our city/state/country. What gives you greater purpose and inspiration to push your hardest for that final mile? If it’s the adrenaline-based reward of the spectators cheers, oohs, and ahhs, I’m with ya!


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