Tread Lightly

Running is the leading culprit of our pain and frustration. It demands a continuous awareness of body-mechanics to minimize those post-run nagging aches and pains. It has been common to blame your footwear for causing those pains, i.e. barefoot or minimalist shoe revolution. Taken for granted is the fact that our pain is truly caused by improper form. And yes, that is why minimalist shoes are effective, because they force us to modify our step-patterns and posture to compensate for the lack of support that we have grown accustomed to.

What we really need to do to effectively eliminate our running pain is to is observe our form and foot strike technique and modify each according to the barefoot principles. What are these principles? Striking the ground with the ball of your foot, relaxing your feet and ankles, shortening your stride length, and driving your stride with your knees by engaging the core and hip flexors. Simple right. Right.


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