Ticket To Ride

Ahh Denver where were you this morning!! I know, I know, I’ve heard it all before: short notice, drizzling rain, what do I wear, open water swimming at 7AM!?!?! Now that we’ve got all of our insecurities out of the way, let me fill you in on what was special about this morning’s ride: 
·         Saying “Good Morning” rather than “On Your Left” 
·         Learning that rabbits are much smarter than squirrels. 
·         Seeing fish nip through the glass, calm water 
·         The reflection of the mountains in that glass, calm water 
·         Clouds!, The swiss cheese clouds created a filter for the rays of the rising sun that accentuated bushes, trees, and birds with amazing contrast.   

I understand that packing for a trip of this nature can be intimidating, so I took the liberty to capture all of my belongings: 
·         Bike – lights, helmet, sunglasses, lock, repair kit. 
·         Swim – wetsuit, swim cap, goggles 
·         Nutrition – chocolate chip cookies (breakfast of champions), water bottles, apple   
·         General – keys, ID, credit card, back pack   

Well hey, I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself in the coming weeks. I promise. See you soon!  


Conditions: Twas a bit drizzly in the morning, which meant the streets/paths were empty!

Why Go Now: Perfect temps for morning rides. Cherry Creek Reservoir is an under-explored gem of Denver!

Don’t Miss: Cherry Creek State Park has great terrain, spectacular views, and a non-stop bike path!

Beware of: Varmints! The shiftiness of rabbits and stupidness of squirrels can be intimidating while cycling.


20140909_063941 20140909_070027


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