2014 T3 Training Recap

Dan Berteletti 2014 T3 Training Summary

Dan Berteletti 2014 T3 Training Summary

What a fantastic end of the year! I enjoyed racing in the North Face Endurance Challenge in early December, to keep me motivated through the Thanksgiving gorge-fest and to cap off a successful year of racing. I’ll recap with a training review of the full 2014 soon, but for now I want to focus on the T3 (Trimester #3 – September, October, November, December).

T3 was full of racing, which is exactly how I like it. My training style is volume based at a steady pace, which allows me to stay fit for running and racing marathon distance at a drop of a hat. For instance, I sneakily asked a friend for a comp entry into the Denver Rock N Roll Marathon, and was granted admission just a few days prior to race day. It is my base level of fitness that allows me to confidently attack opportunities that don’t fit into a 16-week training schedule.

This was an on and off training period that was highlighted with a few great races including: a 70.3 Triathlon in Aurora CO, some epic trail runs in Steamboat Springs, a road marathon in Denver, and the North Face Endurance Challenge races in Wisconsin, Utah, and California. I had a lull in racing in November, and took advantage of fantastic Colorado weather to get out on the trails.

Also, I’ve been doing some work in the Golden and Boulder areas, so I keep my running gear and headlamp in my car ready for any and all opportunities to access Colorado’s Front Range trails.

One addition to my training that deserves notice is strengthening my calves. From October 7th through November 17th, I performed 9,100 calf raises! The proof (and accountability) is in the ink:

Miles of Calf Raises

Miles of Calf Raises

Being a large-footed gentleman (sz. 13), I have issues with my feet just flopping around when I run, and I often see hideous pictures of myself heel striking in races. I challenged myself to do a set of 100 calf raises each time I made my way to the kitchen or bathroom while working in my home. This not only helped me break up the work day, but it also unsuspectingly reduced my food cravings in the afternoon. Surprisingly, I would resist the urge to procrastinate and get another snack during the 3PM working drudge because I knew that my calf raise penance would have to be served.

Keep on playing, thinking healthy, and trying new things to keep your training, activity, and life fresh!


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