2014 Training Log Wrap Up

Here are my final stats of mobility for 2014:

Dan Berteletti 2014 Training Log Totals

Dan Berteletti 2014 Training Log Totals

It was a slow start to 2014, as I nursed my knees and shoulder back to health in January following my bike accident last December. I was on the bike trainer as soon as my range of motion allowed it in January. I can’t believe that back then, I hadn’t even mused about running an Ultra distance race. It wasn’t until about March that I started to consider long distance trail running. It happened sort of forcefully, and without much contemplation… I had agreed to run the Cape Cod “Reach the Beach” relay race with Boston friends. The race was to be held in May, yet after we had registered our team and I had booked flights from Denver to Boston, the relay event was purchased by Ragnar and the date of the race was changed. The race was re-scheduled to an earlier weekend in May and I was pissed! My flights were booked and I was not happy with the prospect of paying the inordinate fee to change my flights. I still wanted to travel to Boston, and I wanted to make it ‘worth it’ (i.e. find another race), so I found a 50k race on the originally scheduled weekend in Newtown, CT. It was pretty easy to convince my friend, Yoav, to also sign up for the race, as he is pretty much up for any adventure known to man. Seriously.

Yoav & Dan - 50k Cowboys at Kettletown State Park

Yoav & Dan – 50k Cowboys at Kettletown State Park

After topping the podium in that first ultra race in Connecticut, I was hooked! The challenges of the terrain, the solitude in nature, the strategies for fueling, all invigorated me to work harder to master the distance.

Now here I am at the start of 2015, I feel like I am a seasoned 50k veteran an have officially been indoctrinated into the trail running community. People of my ilk are called Mountain | Ultra | Trail runners – MUTs for short – and I like that designation a lot. I’ve enjoyed every minute of training, exploring, & adventuring through the trails this year, as well as, all the sacrifices of running through aches & pains, driving to off-the-map locations, and the occasional sleepless night for races and training excursions around the Country.

There have been some changes and adjustments that I made throughout the year that affected my training. The most significant change was quitting my job as an Energy Engineer during the summer. This had a severe impact on my fitness routine, as my 21-mile commute to and from the office each day was eliminated. I had been racking up the saddle miles leading into the summer thanks to this commute, and I was building a powerful leg base that would help me through the mountainous Ultra races ahead. I’ve made due with the changes, trying to run more, and finding solace in ending my work-from-home day with a run or bike ride at a nearby park.

I save my race bibs each year, as these things have much more sentimental value to me than a finisher’s medal. Race bibs actually competed with you and have remnants of blood, sweat, dirt, & energy gel’s from that fateful race day. My favorite part of the year-end wrap up is laying out my my bibs from the previous year to make a photo collage:

Dan Berteletti 2014 Race Bibs

Dan Berteletti 2014 Race Bibs


I don’t get too sentimental when I reminisce about my races, but it is pretty great to view my whole year of racing on my rug. In fact, I had pretty much forgotten that I had run the Boston Marathon this year! It was 8-months ago and holy crap so much has happened in 8 months! I can hardly imagine how many adventures 2015 will hold for me! My race calendar of “must-do” ultras is already filling up, as new challenges and new destinations beckon! I hope to see you outside along the way!!



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