How to train for Speedgoat 50K – Snowbird, UT

I’m all signed-up for the Speedgoat 50K which will be held in Snowbird Utah on July 23rd, 2015.

I cannot wait.

This race is considered the toughest 50K in the U.S., which makes me very happy. Here is the elevation profile, which I have already begun to dissect for my course recon:

speedgoat 50k elevations

speedgoat 50k elevations

If you haven’t noticed from my race selections and training plan, I love climbing mountains. I’ve dabbled with road racing, and pushed my limits on fast trail courses, but deep down I have an advantage to excel in mountainous races. Maybe it’s my long femurs, maybe it’s my oddly hooked toes, but certainly it’s a combination of my active past of cross training through soccer, basketball, in-line skating, snakeboarding, snowboarding, swimming, and cycling. Mountain running requires diversity in running technique and stamina, a strong will to dig deeper, and a child-like appreciation for the grand world around you.

So having never run a double mountain climb course like Speedgoat… I need to train for this. Meaning instead of doing a single peak run, I’m gonna have to do it twice in one session. I’m looking at you Bergen Peak 🙂

Also, I’ll be doing plenty of access road repeats including:

  • North Table Mesa (0.6-mile climb for ~500 feet of elevation gain)
  • Green Mountain (1.0-mile climb for ~1000 ft gain).

I’m excited to add a few of Colorado’s 14ers (14,000 Foot Peaks) to the list of training routes. Testing my lungs and legs in the thin air will be a great benefit to my overall fitness.

As I struggle through training for this challenge, I’m going to keep the below image firmly in my sights:

Telluride Mountain Peak Bagging

Telluride Mountain Peak Bagging

This was taken during a training run I did last summer to the top of Telluride Mountain. To date it is the most spectacular view that I have ever seen via my own two feet. I can only hope that the first and second climbs up to Hidden Peak in Snowbird will be just as inspiring.


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