Run Rabbit Run 50-Miler – 2015 Course Preview

Since I love running in Steamboat Springs, Colorado so much… Steamboat Stinger Trail Marathon, Steamboat Marathon, & Mount Werner Classic 50K –  just a few of the races that I’ve run in the past year… I begged and pleaded to get myself registered for the Run Rabbit Run 50-Miler which is just 22 days away!

Now that I’m signed up for my first 50-miler, I get to sit back and relax until race day. Well not so much. Honestly, I don’t feel like I have to do anything different to prepare for this 50-Mile race. I’ve been pushing myself hard all year, taking little rest inbetween race efforts, and keeping my body guessing through new, and varied workouts. I’ve hit the trais, hit the pavement plenty, and mized in a healthy dose of November Project burpees, planks, and general full-body-weight eercises that we all hate to do alone.

That said, I’m ready to give 50-miles a shot. I’m confident on the trails of Mount Werner and Steamboat Springs, and so long as I keep to my hydration/nutrition strategies and don’t kick any roots on the down hill, I should be set for success.

Here’s a little taste of what racers have in store:

RRR 50 course

RRR 50 course

And, of course, the coveted elevation profile:

RunRabbitRun 50 Course Profile

RunRabbitRun 50-Miler Course Profile

The Elevation Profile, may look daunting, but it is pretty similar to the Mount Werner 50K – starting with a drastic uphill, finishing with a long downhill, and cruising through rolly-turny-lush terrain for, ehh, 40-miles inbetween.

I’m looking forward to pushing my limits to a new level and seeing where my endurance can take me!



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