Rock N Roll Denver Marathon Course Preview 2015

RNR Denver Marathon Start 2014

RNR Denver Marathon Start 2014

Eeks, I just reviewed the course again, and it’s not pretty! Seriously, it is uphill the whole way… which is actually great for minimizing the impact on your body… so you’ve got that going for you! It should be awesome weather – fairly cool in the morning – overall great racing conditions. The race goes mostly along the South Platte River, which I enjoy running along, but it doesn’t offer much in terms of “Scenic Denver Experience.” I haven’t been up to the starting area, but imagine that it is probably quite nice as it will offer a few parks, greenery, and mountain views for the runners to enjoy.

The middle section (miles 13-20) on the bike path along the River is a very industrial part of town… not much to look at other than fences and exhaust towers. I sure hope the organizers are able to get the bands setup each mile, as the music will surely be a motivational highlights for the the runners. The best part during this stretch will be the view of Denver. I always love running toward the city as the sight of downtown Denver clear in the distance is a great motivator. Get yourself to imaging that you’re following the yellow brick road toward Oz. Just watch out for the flying monkeys 😉

The final 6-miles will be fun and exciting. Once you’re in Denver, you’ll be able to see Coors Field, the skate park, REI, and Elitch Gardens (Six Flags). These familiar sights and more spectators along the course will lift you through the last few city miles.
Whoa, I just saw that the post race concert headliner is Matisyahu! That should be sweet!

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