2015 By the Numbers

This past year, I recorded all of my exercises in an Excel Workbook called Molasses Trg 2015.  I had read an article or book at the end of 2014 which talked about running slow and steady in order to improve running. I’m not sure how much I adhered to my original plan, though the premise of the training was based on consistency. Looking back at the year, I never suffered from any injuries or illnesses to detract from my training. I’m very proud of this, as my early years of road racing were riddled with injury and set backs. Here’s what consistency equated to this year:

  • 52-Weeks of training completed
  • 462 Hours of Exercise (8 hours 53 minutes per week)
  • 208,766-feet of Climbing
  • 3,875-miles of Exercise
    • 2,404-miles of Running
    • 1,367-miles of Cycling
    • 1-mile of Swimming
    • 87-miles of Cross Country Skiing
    • 15-miles of Inline Skating



One thought on “2015 By the Numbers

  1. Hey was looking through the results at Red Hot Moab and saw a fellow Golden runner got 4th, awesome job! I also really liked your website and related to your about section a lot. I think I’m going to try and do dirty 30 as well, maybe we could get together for a run sometime.

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