Colorado Marathon – Race Prep

It’s been three days since my last race, and I’m itching for more! The next race that I’m signed up for is the Colorado Marathon (73 days away). This length of time is significant, because I am really excited for a long training block of tough workouts and long group runs with friends.

Something has really clicked with my running lately – consistency, health, confidence, comfort, camaraderie – all play in to the enjoyment of racing and the excitement for my next challenge. i’m giving the roads another test, and have big goals for the Colorado Marathon in Fort Collins. I’m going to utilize some key training workouts to help me determine a ‘reasonable’ marathon race pace which will push me toward a new PR.

In the mean time, here is some preliminary course maps, that I will frequently check back on as I develop my race day strategy.  I’ll continue to add notes to these images as I determine how I want to segment the course and visualize the race.

CO Marathon 1-6CO Marathon 7-15CO Marathon 15-21CO Marathon 21-26

The all important elevation profile, hopefully will assist with my PR dreams: CO Marathon elevation profile

  • Elevation Start: 6108-ft
  • Elevation Finish: 4981-ft
  • Elevation Change: -1128-ft

Yes, that is right, there is one hill at mile 19.

Just for kicks:

  • 2:31 _ 5:45/mile
  • 2:33 _ 5:50/mile
  • 2:35 _ 5:55/mile
  • 2:38 _ 6:00/mile
  • 2:40 _ 6:05/mile
  • 2:42 _ 6:10/mile
  • 2:44 _ 6:15/mile

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