Butt Running

The November Project Denver crew was treated to a running training session hosted by Revo Physiotherapy & Sports Performance in Boulder, CO. The focus on the session…make your butt do the work. Big thanks to Ryan Wooderson for organizing, and Brian and Matt for sharing their expertise in mobility interpretation and analysis.

Muscle Activation – Center of Gravity – Range of Motion

Glute Activation Exercises w/Band: clams, side lifts, fire hydrants

2-Minute Stretches: toes flex, pigeon, lunge w/back leg clasp

Balance – single leg exercises to eliminate weak spots.

Run Cadence: 180 steps per minute

Torso: Forward 10-degree tilt

I came away from this session certain that having this team evaluate your running form and mechanics is so much more valuable than having a coach just telling you to run more! Knowledge is Power.






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