Run Like a Champion: An Olympian’s Approach for Every Runner – Alan Culpepper

Primary incentive:  Desire, competitiveness

Extreme or obsessive to achieve goals

Traction- Gino Wickman


Comprehensive fitness

Weight lifting- leg day, arm day, chest day

Electrolyte tabs- sodium, potassium, magnesium


  • Tempo (half pace)
  • Tempo Dbl 5-mi AM/ 16x300m PM
  • Interval 6x1k (5k pace)
  • Int 6x1mi (10k pace)
  • Int 3x2k/1k (10k/5k pace)
  • Speed- (mile pace)
  • Long run- progression (marathon pace)
  • Aerobic – recovery, long
  • Lactic – interval (4-8), tempo, hill (half pace)
  • Anaerobic – fartlek 45-90 sec (5k)


Base Phase- Increased workload, volume/strength, shorter intervals, longer rest

Transition Phase-

Marathon- 550cal, 8oz/5k


Perception of effort

One cannot improve as an endurance athlete except by changing ones relationship with perception of effort.

Run Bravely

The first layer is how the athlete feels. The second layer is how the athlete feels about how she feels.

Greg Lemond

Siri- the hope of winning did not occupy her thoughts in the final hours before the big event. That space was taken up instead by gratitude for the mere chance to try.

Gratitude” is about letting go of desired outcomes and fully embracing the privilege and process of pursuing goals and dreams. “Believe” refers to the confidence that arises naturally through this process, a self-trust that is the antithesis of the doubt-fueled fixation on goals and dreams.

Commitment to the process, not just the result.


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