VOCA Off Grid

Communicating sustainable activity through the visual arts.

VOCA OFF GRID digests scholarly research, guidelines, & publications on Environmental Awareness and strips them down into useful, shareable mediums to provoke activity.

  • Energy-Efficiency

  • Renewable Energy

  • Waste Mitigation

  • Circular Economy

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Sustainability Investing

|PRINCIPLES| Sustainability Communication, Clean Energy,  Renewable, Corporate Social Responsibility, Triple Bottom Line, Sustainability, Carbon Footprint, Recycle, Zero Waste, Compost, Biomimicry, Cradle to Cradle, Industrial Ecology, Circular Economy, Off Grid, Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation,  Green Building, Passive House, Net Zero, Building Science, Modular, Prefab, Deep Energy Retrofit, Awareness,  Mindfulness, Opportunity, Appreciation, Hope, Promise, Environment, Life Cycle, Supply Chain, Restoration, Efficiency, Reduction, Conservation, Better World, Selfless is More, Simple Living,  Build Simple, Shared Planet, Humanitarian, Resourceful, |CONCEPT| Building Sustainable, Net Zero, Passive House, Off-Grid, Green, Ecological, Livable, DIY, Homes, |PRECEDENTS| Camper, Mobile Home, RV, Campsite, Shipping Container, Geodesic Dome, Cargotecture, VW Vanagon, Tent, Sleeping Bag, Tactical Shelter, Airstream, Tree House, Tiny House, Passiv Haus, Passive House, Trailer, 5th Wheel, Habitainer, Seabox, Shipping Container, Container Home, Pre-Fabrication, Modular, Earthship, Geodesic Dome, Fiberglass Shell,  Prefab, Modular, Mobile, Temporary, Man Camp, Wildernest, |MOTIVATION| Sustainable Lifestyle, Recreation, Exploration, Adventure, Self Propelled, Freedom, Financial Independence, Developing Countries, 3rd World, Health, Refuge, Emergency, Disaster Relief, Zero Waste, Conscious Living,  Purposeful, Resource Sharing, Free Source, Minimalist, Social Consciousness, Reclaim, Recycle, Upcycle, Repurpose, Renovate, Rethink, Salvage, Custom, Resourceful, Purposeful, Reliable, Energy Efficiency, Conservation, Thrive, Flourish, Prosper, Rejuvenate, Reprise, Refresh, Frontier, Rustic, Environmentalism, Ecological, Harvest, Unplug, Disconnect, Utility, Micro Grid, Net Zero, Renewable Energy, Living Future, Thought Leader, Living Progress, Better World, Sustainable by Nature, Social Impact |FUEL| Solar, Wind, Geothermal,  Piezoelectric, Oil, Gas, Thermoelectric, Photoelectric Sensor, Fuel Cells, Concentrated Solar Power, Heliostat, Diesel, Gasoline, Propane, Geothermal, Composting Toilet, Potable Water, Gray Water, Net Zero |MATERIALSPhase Change, Insulation, Carbon Fiber, Annodized Aluminum, Fiberglass, Structural Insulated Panels, SIPs, Soy Walls, Cork Bark Floors, Bamboo, Mineral Wool, Hemp-crete, Straw bale, Cob, 


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