About VOCA Off Grid


VOCA OFF GRID is a Dream/Design/Build venture focused on implementing sustainability measures to businesses around the world. We find resourceful ways to optimize operations, clean up your supply chain, and invigorate staff to participate in defining a healthy business and work environment.

Based on the simple principles of the triple bottom line approach to business fulfillment [environmental // financial // social].


  • Provides planning, design, product advisory, material procurement, and project management consulting for projects. Includes a deeper dive within Energy Star, LEED, WELL, Passive House, & Net-Zero certifications.
  • Analysis includes supply chain and life cycle analysis (LCA) methods, energy consumption modeling, code compliance, and long-term value addition.
  • Our focus is on implementing open-source, pre-fabrication, & circular economy methods for achieving exceptionally resourceful & efficient projects.


Dan Berteletti // Sustainability & Energy Efficiency Consultant

Independent Consultant // Expertise in business sustainability, energy-efficiency evaluation, green house gas (GHG) emissions accounting, & material life cycle assessment (LCA). I embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and am driven to implement sustainability measures [energy, organizational, operational] to enable your company towards success.

Simple Living // I’m conscientious about my environmental impact through the products that I consume and habits that I employ — bike riding, mug carrying, anti-disposables, and reusable everything — all are deliberate, mindful, and easy choices that I have made to enhance my lifestyle.

Self Propelled // My education and professional experience has provided me with a diverse skill-set covering building science, energy efficiency implementation, flight simulation, and product prototyping. I’m a creative, thoughtful, and balanced engineer who adapts well to diversity and challenge.

mineral-wool_siga_attard-residenceHomeLink Magazine published an article I wrote that details the construction of a vapor-open wall assembly — achieving a durable, healthy, and energy-saving home.

Title: Walking Through The Walls: Innovations in Modern Wall Construction
Publisher: HomeLink Magazine, June 2016

Link: http://www.homelinkmag.com/homelink-Summer_2016_Wall_Assembly



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