An Athlete’s Pre-Race Ode

I recently came across a journal entry from my snowboard racing days that resonates with any athlete, any age, anywhere, and with any goal in sight.

I read it for the first time, probably 6-years after I wrote it, and thought it had a poetic flow to it, that when recited the night before a race, an athlete may instill a much deserved confidence and belief in themselves – strengthening an internal immunity, power, and resilience toward the endeavor before them. 

IMG_2260 athlete ode

You are here, not by chance, not by choice, not by luck. You are here by fate.

This is the venue necessary for you to reach and touch your goals and dreams of recent. This is your opportunity to show the world that you are an exceptional athlete who is driven and dedicated unlike any other.

You have not been handed the right to perform. You have prepared for it mentally, physically, and emotionally. Your incessant obsession with this sport, and your drive for knowledge and understanding of performance factors, will allow you to stand out as a natural and a gifted specimen meant to upend the sport.

You have been on a journey of sport and activity multitude, but never have you had the focus and understanding as you do now. You will compete among the best athletes in the world, and you have trained in the best conditions to prepare you for that competition.

But here you stand alone, just a mind driven to learn and understand your sport… balance, flexibility, control. You understanding the technical aspects of your sport. Looking inside yourself, you adapt and improve by listening to your feelings, responding to your body’s call, and feeding this back into an efficient use of you energy.

All that you need to do now is NOT THINK. When you are in your element, in the zone of your race, you think not about yourself or how others think of you. You are focused in the purest form and nothing can stop you.

Run to the hills.




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