Week 4: picking up steam

As I mentioned, I’m going to be recapping my training weeks in an effort to get myself fired up for the race. I’m jumping in with Week 4 of training for the Platte River Half. Here we go!

Monday – sweet, glorious rest day.

Tuesday – I slept in and told myself I would run my “quarters” workout later. Later, I almost didn’t run at all because my foot had been feeling a little off. I decided to go out easy and covered 7 miles while listening to Real Talk Radio (current podcast obsession) episode with Erin Taylor of Jasyoga. Erin is the expert on yoga for athletes and preaches how 5 minutes a day can work wonders for our bodies. So, I went home and stretched for a few minutes. I ended the night with 5 minutes of meditating (I think…I mean, I tried) with my legs up the wall. Then, I slept like a rock. Erin is one of those people that I’ve never met, but feel like she is a good friend. As soon as my current Classpass month ends, I’m cancelling and getting a subscription to the online Jasyoga videos instead.

Wednesday – NP in the morning, dentist, work. Didn’t run after work because I was tired and my mouth hurt from my filling. The team circuit of body-weight exercises made me surprisingly sore!


Trust falls are enough of an adrenaline rush for me.

Thursday – workout day! The plan was to run an uphill tempo up Lookout Mountain with PlayGldn. I’ve run this route plenty of times now and my goal was to run from our house to the Windy Saddle lot in under 40 minutes (4.35 miles; about 1,000 feet up). We ran nice and easy to Beverly Heights park where we met the rest of the gang and then it was ON. We all pushed at our own paces and it felt really good to work hard uphill. I made it to Windy Saddle in 39:48, so CHECK. This was a great one. Running Lookout is my happy place. In the evening, we met up with Meaghan and Kevin for a beer and music at New Terrain. I got in 19,000 steps for the day and was pooped by the end.


Everything the light touches is ours. Pic from Mike Bell.

Friday – slept in again. Have I mentioned that I love to sleep? I make it a priority to get 8 hours a night. The weather was so nice in the afternoon, so I took a walk. Then after getting a ginormous pizza from Anthony’s, Dan and I hiked up South Table under the full moon. I ended up getting about 20,000 steps this day without even running.

Really great iPhone shot of Dan with the full moon.

Saturday – North Table loop with Robyn. We both wanted 10 miles and we were both feeling pretty creaky. It was a beautiful morning and I’d say our run was good, not great. Eh. Got it done. I was pretty lazy the rest of the day after.

Sunday – This is the second week in a row that Robyn, Meaghan, and I have done a long run on Sunday. I’m keeping my LRs around 12-14 miles right now, but Meaghan is training for Boston!So, she ran 8 miles from her house and met me and Robyn to run the Ralston Valley trail (bike path) in Arvada. We all felt pretty good – me and Robyn especially, since we were only running 12 miles compared to Meaghan’s 20. We finished the run in right around 8:00 minute pace, which I was suuuuper happy with. I felt light and like I’m maybe, dare I say it…. getting faster. The best part was that Dan met us at the end with donuts and coffee, which has to be like every runner’s dream. This was a really great way to end the week!


I’m quite happy with how this week went. I only actually ran 4 days, but got in almost 38 miles. I felt like I recovered well and ended the week feeling happily tired, but not beat up at all.

Total mileage: 40.8 (including the hike which I didn’t Strava)

Total climbing: ~3,300 feet

High: getting to Windy Saddle in under 40 minutes during the run with PlayGldn on Thursday

Low: not getting in a second “workout” but I was happy with the quality of all my runs


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