Week 8: An Off Week

Monday: The weirdest morning! Meg and Robyn met at our place to run up Lookout at 5:45am. When we started, it was calm and clear and beautiful out. We weren’t dressed super warm because the temperature was above freezing. As we started running up the mountain, we noticed some ominous looking clouds behind it. The wind started to pick up a little bit. And then we turned a corner and were smacked in the face with huge wind gusts. We literally couldn’t keep running against it. And then we realized it was snowing?! We turned around, thinking we’d get away from it but it followed us all the way back to the house. Our run was cut to about 5 miles, instead of the 9ish we had planned but none of us cared – we were just glad to get out of it! I went to work and then ran 5 miles home. I wasn’t dressed warm enough, but it was an okay easy run. I stopped at the grocery store on the way and carried a package of chicken sausages for the last mile. I become a little more like Dan all the time.

No filter – a glimpse of the crazy sky on Monday.

Tuesday: I woke up feeling like I got hit by a car. I had to get to work though and only had one way to do it: running. I did the 5 mile route very slowly while listening to a TED Radiohour Podcast. It ended up not being so bad, though it was still windy and cold out.

Wednesday: Races at NP5280. I was planning on taking the workout at NP easy, but then we got going and it wasn’t really one you could slack off on because it involved racing from one side of the amphitheater’s stairs to the other. Burpees, wall sits, push ups, and sit ups were also involved. I had a lot of fun, but this workout ended up taking quite a bit out of me. I didn’t get much mileage in for the day, but was pretty worked.


Racing MB at NP.

Thursday: I was torn between wanting to do a track workout (800s) or hill repeats, so I settled on short hill repeats (6 x 3:00) with the PlayGldn crew. Inspired by this workout from NAZ Elite, we each carried something to use as a visual cue on the first rep and ran hard uphill for 3:00 and dropped our marker and jogged back down. Then we ran up to that marker 5 more times. The goal was 3:00 minutes up, 3:00 minutes recovery which ended up meaning that we took no standing rest because we had to get back down to the bottom of the hill before the 3 minutes was up. On the last rep, we pushed as hard as possible to get past our mark. This was exactly the type of workout I needed in my half marathon training! According to my Fitbit, my heart rate maxed out at 184 on the last rep which is I think the highest I’ve seen since I started using it! That’s right in my VO2 max range, which I rarely get to with the type of training I do. With our 2.2 mile warmup at the start, I ended with 7.1 miles and 800 feet of climbing in 57 minutes.

Squad goals.

Friday: The theme of the week: my body was feeling a little wonky and my legs, inexplicably tired. I had thought about running before our drive to Taos, but decided to make it my rest day. I took a walk then sat in the car for five hours.

Taos flair!

Saturday: After a delicious New Mexican feast, 9 hours of sleep, and hot breakfast at the hotel, we drove out of town to find a suitable road for our long run. I started running and felt horrible. The breakfast burrito I ate was sitting in my stomach (this is not recommended), my legs felt like they weren’t connected to my body, AND we were at 7,000 feet so breathing felt harder. I went out 2 miles on the uneven dirt road and decided that I would just do 6 miles and do my long run on Sunday. At one point, Dan and I passed each other and he asked if I was having fun and my answer was “no” – that was it. Then I dropped my bottle at the car (because carrying it felt way too hard for me that morning) and turned to go down a paved road that was much better on my legs.  So, I said to myself ‘just go one more mile’ knowing that with the out and back, it really meant 2 miles added to my total. And then I ran one more mile and one more again and eventually ended up with 12 miles, which was my plan for the day. On the way back, we had one of those sneaky headwinds in which you never even noticed the tailwind going the opposite direction. I wish that Strava had a a wind adjusted pace, like they do grade, because I felt like I was pushing fairly hard but my watch said otherwise. I was so happy to be done with the run and so impressed with Dan for getting in over 21 miles! He’s crushing it.

“Are you having fun?” “No.”

Sunday: I was torn on what to do because I felt like I could use another day off, but I had just taken one and I hadn’t yet gotten to 40 miles for the week, which has been my half marathon training threshold. I went on the bike path along Highway 58 from our house and it was slow and easy on the way out but I knew I was going to have to deal with a headwind on the way back. Honestly, I was a baby about it – I took the wind to be a personal affront. Like the nail in the coffin to a bad week of running. I ran a little over 6 miles and it was a slog.

I was due for an off week. I think this is pretty standard in my training cycles – I just had three good weeks, so this week, I was tired and my legs were tight. Real talk: with lower mileage than I run while training for a 50k or marathon, I’ve been down on myself that I could feel so tired while “only” running 40-46 mile weeks. I think to myself ‘well Dan can run 70+ miles and is fine’ or ‘Meaghan isn’t tired and she’s run 20 miles more than me this week.’ I realize that this is stupid and that if I was giving advice to someone else, I’d tell them to take it easy and listen to their body. I’m hoping that I’m feeling better tomorrow. Also, I’m planning on not waiting so long to take a rest day this coming week.

Total mileage: 40.7 miles

Total climbing: 2,507 feet

High: My only good run of the week – repeats at Dino Ridge. I had a legit runners high from that workout.

Low: Achy feet, tight lower back, tired legs. One specific run wasn’t the low, but a general feeling of blah this week.



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