WFL Training Wk|4 Rejuvenation

Hi Folks! Happy Easter and Boston Marathon Eve. It’s been a full week of short recovery, mountain trail running, a lot of Dino Ridge, and an overload of doughnuts. This weeks recap is a bit more of a photo journal, as it’s been a busy holiday weekend. Good luck to everyone running the Boston Marathon tomorrow!


It’s the day after the fast Half Marathon and I’m able to run!! My body has never felt so great after a road race. I enjoyed short runs to and from work, with no signs of pain, soreness, or lasting effects from the race on Sunday. This is exactly how I hoped I would feel, but not at all what I expected. I’ll take it!

The racing rush carried into the evening, and I was looking up other races that I could squeeze into my calendar. I like having this excitement, but need to contain it, bottle it up, and keep my eye on the prize, Wings for Life World Run is just three weeks away!


The uneventful start of the week continues. I’m banking easy miles, grateful that my body is able to bounce back after the half marathon.


It’s a November Project morning. And, oh yeah, push-ups and leg tosses are exactly the body work that I’ve been avoiding for the past months. I”m glad to have stuck through it and am still happily sore four days later!

I’m able to work from home on Wednesday’s, so I ran a few miles home from Julia’s work. This also means, I get to mix up my Wednesday post work miles, which translated to slaying the Honeymoon Incline. Rip it.


Honeymoon Incline. Pic: JB



I knew I’d pay the price for my enthusiasm on the trail last night. At the 6AM start of PlayGldn, my legs and feet were sore and achy. We’d planned a workout of shorter sprints, since many of us were racing in the Dino Ridge Relays on Saturday — an event organized by Julia and Mike Bell — giving teams of two alternating laps of the 2.2-mile route on Dino Road.

We managed six reps of 2:30 uphill and 2:30 downhill. This was a grueling workout becuase the active rest period never let’s you stop moving.

My splits for 6 reps: 6:09/mi, 6:20/mi, 6:24/mi, 6:28/mi, 6:32/mi, 6:28/mi. Our best rep was supposed to be our last one. My best was the first one. Oh well.




Wake up! My abs are still sore from leg tosses at NP on Wednesday. I didn’t sleep very well, is my heart rate high? Is it a sign of over training? I checked out my heart rate data from my run-commutes of the previous few days — nothing was out of the ordinary.

Early morning gold mine.

I took it real easy to work in the AM, just logging miles. I decided not to push through any “excessive” miles for the week. I wanted to feel rested for The Relays on Saturday and be able to do a medium-long run on Sunday. All I could think is I’ve got to stretch and take care of my body.



Dino Ridge Relays! Julia and Mike have been diligently planning to host a crew on our beloved PlayGlnd playground, Dino Ridge:

It as a great morning filled with Tailwind, donuts, bagels, and Dinosaur themed goodies. I ran even splits on each of my two 2.2-mile laps which I alternated with Tyler. I hit 12:27 on each, with the 2nd lap feeling way more relaxed and easier than the first.


Donut & cream cheese filled bagel. Pic: Einstein.


I wasn’t sure what I’d be up for come Sunday Morning. But after a good nights sleep, I got up and hit the road. I ended up logging over 21-miles up and around Lookout Mountain Road, with an excursion up to the Mother Cabrini Shrine. I was excited to get a new view of the Golden/Denver valley:


After the morning run, Julia and I got to spend quality time with my parents and sister’s family to celebrate Easter. Big things coming next week, as I cap off my Wings For Life training. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday and good luck BoMar racers!

Endurance Changes Time,




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