Energy Boost : Dirty 30 Week 2

With a weekend trip to St. Louis planned, I decided to front-load my weekly mileage. This means that I ran 11 days in a row, which I don’t know if I’ve ever done before. For some reason, though, I was recovering really well and had high energy all week. Pretty much all of my runs felt good – what a treat! Without putting much pressure on myself, this ended up being one of my biggest weeks of training since before the 50k.

Monday: Ah, Marathon Monday – so much hype! I was excited to track the race, following both pros and friends. But first, I woke up without an alarm with about 30 minutes to get a run in so I covered 3.4 miles before work. All morning, I was glued to the athlete tracking and Twitter and Robyn and I were basically having our own texting marathon. For the most part, I was quite happy to not be there running but when I watched the coverage later and saw the leaders turn onto Boylston, I got goosebumps and that feeling hit. I definitely want to go back to Boston at some point but don’t really want to make it the focus of my running life. Okay, back to Monday’s training – I also did a couple laps of the incline in the afternoon. Good stuff! 7.2 miles for the day.

Tuesday: For weeks, I was raving about Monday mornings up Lookout but now I’m hooked on Tuesday mornings at Green Mountain. Robyn and I met up again at 5:15am to do our 10 mile loop. This run was so refreshing with the birds chirping and the pink sunrise. I couldn’t ask for anything more. After work, I did a very slow, easy 3.3 miles while listening to a podcast which got me to 13.3 miles total.

Yes, I did wear a Boston Marathon shirt for all my runs on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday: I had a feeling that November Project was going to be at Little Man on Friday, so I decided to skip Wednesday in favor of that. I slept in with plans to run trails after work. I thought I was going to be really tired because I had gone 8 days without a rest day, but I ended up having an awesome run. I started at the South Table trailhead near NREL and had no plans except to go for an hour. I’ve run countless miles on South Table, but there are trails that I still haven’t explored, so I purposely hit some of those. It was awesome to do something new! After 7.1 miles, I was buzzing.

Thursday: We took a break from our beloved Dinosaur Ridge for PlayGldn and met at Pangea to run the bike path hills. I think everyone was feeling a little slower this morning, but we still got a good workout in. With my run to and from, I hit 6.9 miles. On the run home, I carried a mug of coffee! Later in the day, I was texting with Robyn about how I felt like someone slipped me something that was making me feel so good this week. Whatever, I’ll take it!

Friday: I was so excited to run Little Man hills and just crank them out. It’s one of my favorite November Project workouts because I love the uninterrupted nature and that we can all go at our own speed but see each other along the way. The guys had a different plan for the morning and came up with a workout that went a different course and included some bodyweight exercises. All I wanted to do was run, though, so I did and felt like I had a ton of energy. I covered 4.2 miles with 427 feet of climbing at a 7:42 pace. My goal for the week was to get in 40 miles and 5,000 feet of climbing before the end of the day on Friday. After the morning workout, I was just short of that, so I went up the incline after work before a great date night with Dan. Since I was only going one time and I knew I was taking Saturday off, I really pushed it. I got to the top and had my hands on my knees, gasping for breath, and felt amazing. It was the fastest I’ve ever gone up it and I was riding high from it for hours.

Saturday: I woke up early to fly to St. Louis to see my family for the weekend. No running, just playing with my niece and nephew.

This photo has nothing to do with running, but it’s one of my favorites I’ve taken. From Suson Park.

Sunday: I was planning on taking Sunday off too, but brought my running clothes just in case. It was a beautiful day and I had the time, so I ran 2 miles to a park near my parents’ house to see the farm animals and then I kept running to complete a nice, hilly loop. I surprisingly got in 560 feet of climbing in the 7.5 miles.

Spring is greener outside of Colorado.

Total mileage: 48.3 miles

Total climbing: 5,669 feet

High: Overall, it was a really good week, but my training high was probably my run up the incline on Friday afternoon. I like repeating a run so that I can measure progress and I feel like I made a lot of progress on this route since I started consistently running it, just a week ago.

Low:  I didn’t really have a low this week, but I felt a little more tired than I wanted to after my run on Sunday. I think flying takes a lot out of me.


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