Dirty 30 Wk|3 The Notebook

Well, this was bound to happen sooner or later. I am the victim of haphazard blog post version management. I had edited today’s post on my desktop, then went to the version saved on my phone to upload a photo, then returned to my desktop and an hour’s worth of revisions had disappeared. Oh well, such is life. Unfortunately, now I am even less motivated to complete this weeks blog post than I was an hour ago, so please enjoy my notes and photos from the week.


  • Easy to work, leg swings at the gym. Do not throw medicine balls against the wall.
  • Over night, I had some thoughts about what’s next for me. I’m jonesing for road 50-mile races now and am hot on the search of a late fall endeavor! A few that popped to the top of my list of eventual to-dos are the JFK 50 in MD, the Tussey Mountainback 50 in PA (a USATF championship race), or the TNF50 Championships in San Francisco. And near-term, the Leadville Silver Rush 50, no no no, July 9th is way too soon.
  • Evening trail craving. Short route home from work. 4x on the Honeymoon Incline (aka 16th Street Trail on South Table Mesa) with Julia.
  • Saw a bull snake crossing the stairs to the nub (aka Castle Rock). I am in continuous alert mode for snakes while trail running, so it was good to actually see one and be able to respond appropriately. I stared it down head to toe, saw that it was smiling and didn’t have a rattle, so I nodded and continued on.


  • Nothing special, to and fro.


  • November Project lotsa Stairs and wet, grassy hills.
  • Run home – felt fatigued
  • Was going to save myself for hard Dino Ridge repeats on Thursday, but with the weather forecast calling for snow, I didn’t want to chance a workout in harsh conditions.
  • Shredded up the Honeymoon Incline four more times. I love having that in my backyard. 0.4-miles and 500-ft of vert.


I am a product of my environment.




  • Cancelled PlayGldn due to snow, wet, slushy roads.


Commute to work.

Dirty 30 course preparation.

  • Easy home, snow had melted. Not pushing it through adverse weather conditions. Get home to stretch. Body time. Great stretch w/podcast.


  • Snow has cleared but it’s still 32-degrees.

Topless Lookout Mountain


  • Because of the snowfall, plans for course recon at Golden Gate SP are lost. There is snow in them mountains. With snow and slush, comes mid and muck.


  • To Mags, we go.
  • Ready to push it on the road.
  • Preparing for hard work on race day.
  • Cadence, stride, hydration.
  • Hope the course will be dried out in 2 weeks.
  • Eating ravenously since.
  • “Do away with all of the numbers. Just do your best in every moment.” ~ Brett, coach of Daniela Ryf

Mags 1

Mags 2


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