Just One Good Week: Dirty 30 Week 6

“Alright, Julia – just get in ONE good week of 50k training. You can do it and then you get to take it easy before the race.” – the pep talk I gave to myself on Monday morning.

Monday: After work, Dan and I had a date on the Honeymoon Incline. I was planning on doing two laps, but when he said he would do four, I upped my ante to three. I went up the steep 16th street trail and down the more runnable 19th straight trail for a 1.6 mile loop. This got me five miles and 1,500 feet of climbing in just over an hour.

Tuesday: Robyn and I were back on for 10 mile Tuesday. To our excitement, we didn’t even need headlamps this week! About three miles in, though, I was already tired. I think that I didn’t eat enough after running the night before, and I was just feeling a little empty. This caused me to get clumsy and take a tumble later on. I have a couple little scrapes, but no damage and all-in-all, it was a lovely morning.

Wednesday: November Project in the morning involved some stairs, hill sprints, and push-ups and such. This wasn’t a very long workout, but I got my heart rate up during the times we were moving.  After work, I did a 10 minute Jasyoga hip strength/stability video before heading out for an easy podcast jog. I was expecting to feel like the Tin Man, which is common for my afternoon runs, but I felt pretty spry. The pre-run activation moves helped. I did 3.8 miles before getting back to make a smoothie, black bean tacos, and then out for a beer with the Golden crew.


Thursday: Meaghan had a killer workout planned for us at Dino Ridge on Thursday. We all went to bed wondering what kind of weather we would wake up to. At 5:20am, we started texting each other “what should we do?” and what we decided was to cancel PG and get back into bed. There was a cold rain/snow downpour and none of us were enthused about the idea of spending an hour running in it. All day, I was in the mood to run hill repeats, and after work, I caught a window of dry weather so I took advantage. Luckily, Meg was up for joining me and we ran to meet each other on the bike path and then did a few rounds of a steep hill repeat course we made up on the fly. We finished with a cold jog on the creek path as the snow started falling again. I felt pretty solid on this run and managed to get in 8 miles and 935 feet of climbing. Score!

Friday: rest day

Saturday: Earlier in the week, Dan and I had both individually come up with the plan to run/hike as much as the Dirty 30 course as we could on Saturday. I didn’t care if I was out there all day, I just wanted to get to know the course and get some time on my feet. With the snow, that plan was foiled so we had to come up with an alternative that would allow us lots of miles and climbing too and would be dry. We decided on Mags and I planned to do the same run Robyn and I did together before the ECSCA 50k – 25 miles. I woke up in a bit of a daze, with my stomach feeling a little off and my body feeling achey. We drove almost an hour to Mags and I felt like I barely had the energy to respond to things Dan was saying. We got there and it was beautiful out, but I figured it would take a miracle for me to do the 25 miles I had planned. The whole time out there, I was just in a funk. My stomach was off, I was in a bad mood, and my right leg (specifically, my calf and hamstring) was really tight. I got to the turnaround at 8.25 and decided to just get myself back to the car, whatever that would take. I would not be doing any extra mileage. I finished the 16.5 miles (with 1500 feet of climbing), just relieved to be done. The other problem with this run is that we didn’t build in enough time for relaxation afterwards. Dan and I were both a little beat up and tired, but then we just kept running around, instead of our normal sit for an hour and drink coffee and eat a pastry routine.

Sunday: The plan was to be at the Colfax Marathon cheergang all morning, but I felt pretty crappy when I woke up. My stomach was still off and I had a headache and really needed to rest at home. So I did. I felt a lot of guilt about not being there and also some FOMO, but I  needed it. After laying around for a few hours, Dan and I took a leisurely stroll through Golden. And then I eventually made it out for a hike up the Honeymoon Incline. I normally run down one of the other trails (19th street typically) because they’re less steep and technical. But since I was hiking, I decided to hike down the hard way. It ended up not being as bad as I expected and was great practice. I did 4 laps with one trip down the 19th street trail for some extra mileage. This came out to 4.5 miles and 2,000 feet of climbing.

This week didn’t quite live up to my hopes and dreams of having a really solid week of 50k training, but I am happy to have gotten in 50 miles and over 7,000 feet of climbing (my goal was 8,000 feet before we got the snow that closed off trails on Saturday).

Total mileage: 50.1 miles

Total climbing: 7,444 feet

High: Thursday’s cold, snowy run when I was feeling like a badass wearing spandex shorts and charging up hills.

Low: Feeling crappy over the weekend.



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