Summer Runnin’ Had Me a Blast

Wow, it’s already July and I now have something booked every weekend from now through my next race: The Grand Traverse Mountain Run over Labor Day weekend. It’s summer in Colorado, baby!

Recap: I ran Dirty 30 50k on June 3rd. It was hard. I worked myself over pretty good. After any race, I take some time off and then when I start running again, I expect to be able to pick up where I left off, which is never the case. I tried to show myself some grace in the weeks post-race and to treat myself like I would treat a friend in the same situation. That meant slow running, hiking, and rest!

Here is what the weeks following the 50k looked like for me:
First week back (June 5th – 11th): 14 miles of hiking, including one lovely hike in Crested Butte and one off of Monarch Pass.

Second week back (June 12 – 18th): 24 miles. It was all hard. I felt so slow and out of shape. Our buddy, Brian, organized a fun trail run at Staunton State Park on Saturday. I did the 9 mile loop, thinking it would be no big deal and it killed me. I was so exhausted, I barely moved the rest of the day.

Third week back (June 19 – 25th): 32.7. The first half of the week was spent just outside of Baltimore where my running options (and time) were limited. When I got back home, I actually had a few good runs and started feeling like myself again. Particularly, I ran 10.3 mile out-and-back at White Ranch and felt the floooowww.

Fourth week back (June 26 – July 2nd): 39.4 miles with an epic trip to Montana that Dan recapped. It was great to get in a good bit of climbing and between running Green on Tuesday, Dino Ridge on Thursday, and then climbing on Saturday and Sunday, I ended up with over 7,000 feet for the week.

And that brings us to last week, which is the first week that I’ve felt like I’m no longer coming back from my last race, but I’m actually training for what’s ahead. I managed 48.2 miles, 6,795 feet of climbing, and four soaks in the river. I feel like this is around my sweet spot for 50k training – I’m not overexerted and can consistently run weeks like this.

But, I’m not just training for a 50k. I’m training for the longest race I’ve ever done – 40 miles (!). Which means I’ll need to train harder than I ever have before. My goal going into Grand Traverse is to have a ton of fun running trails with Birdie and other friends this summer in preparation for it. Birdie and I are running the race together to dip our toes into longer-distance ultras. We’re not planning to be super competitive, though, you know that when we show up on the start line, there will be some fire.

Looking ahead, the big A-goal race is the North Face Endurance Challenge 50k in California on November 18th. Yes…. again. I can’t quit this race! So, while I’m training for Grand Traverse all summer, it will all build into #ECSCA in the fall, where I plan to, as Mia Hamm would say, “light the match.”


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