Tussey50 | Wk3 | Hope

“Fake it till you make it.”

I mentioned last week how my confidence has floundered and my doubts ballooned. Enter the positive mindset. From now until race day, if you ask me about my Tussey 50 race expectations, I will tell you that I’m going to win, I’m going to set a course record, and I’m going to qualify for the US 100k team. Boom. I said it. Those are the reasons why I picked this race and those goals are what I have been sacrificing to achieve.

If I say anything less than my desire to win this race, that’s me letting doubt seep in. Any doubt could come back to hit me at mile 22 or 38. No such thang. Mission Confidence.

Last week was bad, this week saw the turn around that I so desperately needed.

Yes, I was just thinking that the culmination of this year of training has probably hit me. Nonetheless, I’m gonna ease off for the next few weeks, as hard as that may be!


Three easy backpack-miles to work. I really wasn’t looking forward to running home. My body was still in a funk. I felt sick to my stomach and had the chills throughout the morning. In a panic, I called my doctor requesting blood work. Was I deficient in Iron? Did I have a tape worm that was sucking nutrition from my bowels?

I wasn’t allowed to just give a blood sample without seeing my doctor, so I agreed that it’d be worth chatting with him about my health, and I made an appointment for Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile as the end of the day approached, Julia asked if I wanted to join her at Denver Sports Recovery… great idea!

During the drive to Denver, I told julia that if my body didn’t bounce back real soon, then it wouldn’t be worth going to Tussey. She may never get her Team USA husband. Two hours later, I was ready to race. Game changer. Here’s what happened at DSR:

  • Roll out Glutes on Lax ball.
  • Roll out Psoas on Lax ball.
  • Lung based spine twists.
  • Pulsing leg lunge warm ups.
  • Electro Stimulation (Marc Pro) on adductors/feet. TWITCH!
  • Swisswing vibrating stimulation on everything from the waist down.
  • Normatec Hip/Waist sleeve, pulsing compression for 30-minutes.
  • Cold Tub (54F) for 5-mins, Hot Tub for 5-mins.
  • Eat a Scratch Burrito.




The title of this post changed from Help to Hope. I woke up today with excitement and vigor. I was still headed to the doctor, and I’d been practicing my speech to him: “I feel much better than I did yesterday when I made this appointment.” I called yesterday in a panic as I was lethargic, sick to my stomach, and experiencing the chills. Looking back it was a combo of nerves, stress, and uncertainty as to how I can improve my health.

Following DSR, I feel like I’ll have the game plan to release myself from the shackles of my mid-section. Sunday’s run on CGDH was solid, my effort was high, and energy sustained. The one negative takeaway was that my downhill splits were poor. 30+ seconds slower than my best effort on CGDH. This was the root of my consternation:

Am I getting worse? Has over-training depleted me and brought me back to my 2013 self?

My confidence is back. I am not broken. Last night I was given the keys to the garage with the Tesla Roadster in it. Mediocre analogy, I know. I already had the keys to the Roadster, I just couldn’t get to it through the garage. My hips and lower abdomen have been locked up under muscle tighness for the last few weeks. I now have the keys, the corrective path, to FIXING the issue that has hindered my performance. Here We Go!

I’m the type of person that needs a path, guidance, and proof that work = results. Now I am confident that performing daily exercises that focus on mobilizing and unlocking my hips and abs will – without a doubt – allow me to perform on race day. You heard it hear first. Team USA or bust.

I eased back into running this week and travelled to Boston and Sunapee, NH to celebrate the wedding of Deniz and Sarah. Here are some pics from our excursions:

The Westin Copley Ambiance.

The River Charles.

Summit Salutation from Mt. Sunapee

Country Road Love.

Wedding Boom.




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