ECSCA 50K |Wk4| Reborn to Run

This week I finally returned to myself! A seismic shift occurred that has wildly transformed my running form, my overall health, and my well-being. That exceptional change came in the simple tilt of my pelvis. Over the last two months, as I’ve trained and raced, stretched and soaked, I just never felt like myself. I’ve suffered from lower abdominal pain that restricted my gait, drained me emotionally, and draped a blanket of lethargy over my passion for the sport.

In one single day this week, with the guidance and thoughtfulness of Julia, we identified the cause of my pain. A few YouTube videos later, I knew exactly what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to fix it. Peace of mind!

I won’t bore you with all the details, since there are many professional videos for “running pelvic tilt” available on the internet. By reducing the arch in my back, I have alleviated the strain on my abdomen, and redistributed the impact forces through my spine. With this simple shift in form and mindset, I am reborn.

For the last two months I’ve felt like I’ve been running with the parking brake on. Like there was something missing from myself. After an energetic 5-mile run after work on Wednesday, I knew that the parking brake had been released. This is what it’s supposed to feel like! I felt free again, I felt me again. My new found understanding of my body, my form, and my gait has allowed me to once again push my strength and speed.


Attempted the 10-Mile Traverse w/Tim. This ambitious traverse covers 12 peaks of the 10-Mile range from Frisco to Breckenridge. After a few hours on the trail and 4,000 feet of climbing, we finally hit the ridge and were inundated by wind. After a brief snack on Victoria Peak we turned back towards our starting point in Frisco. I was fine with the decision to turn back. Otherwise, it would have been a long day among blustery temps and choppy snow deposits. Instead, we made it back to town in time for lunch! I can’t wait to attempt the traverse again in the Summer.



1.5-mile hill repeats on the access road of Green Mountain with Julia, Joseph, and Jim. This is Julia’s secret sauce for ECSCA training.

My abdomen was still bothering me, so I did back bends on the exercise ball during work.

I ran home after work on the trails of South Table Mesa, with an almost certainty that I would see a rattlesnake. There’s been a lot of talk of snakes around the foothills, as they prepare their hibernation lairs. Thankfully, I made it home sans encounter.

In the evening, Julia was determined to help fix me. Was it my hip flexors? Weak abdomen? Glutes not firing? Should I go to a Physical Therapist?

Next year, I need to diversify my training. This is my first full year with a focus on running. While I’m happy with my success and my enjoyment of the sport, it’s not worth damaging my love for running by pushing through pain. I must start a routine of runners lunges, glute activation, & ab exercises.


I’d intended to go to November Project to race PR Clovers, however, I knew I’d be on the fence depending on how my abdomen felt in the morning. When Julia’s alarm went off, I slowly rolled over and let out a groan… my decision was made. My core was still aching. The last thing I needed to do was run hard. I needed to solve the riddle of my core, and the previous night’s investigation pointed to one thing: Pelvic Tilt.

This video and the other videos that I watched, gave me the insight and the know-how to address the pain that I was feeling. My back was arching, excessively straining my core. I decided to wear a slimming belt around my waist all day to keep my core engaged and my back straight.

After work, I ran a loop around Golden and felt magnificent! I’m a new runner! After two months of turmoil and distress, I just too one simple adjustment. I felt the locomotion in my hips, as depicted in the video above. I felt power on the downhills, leading with my knees, and letting gravity pull me – something that was clearly lacking when the ab pain persisted.


We had a great time as always on Dino Ridge with PlayGldn. This team just syncs. I encouraged the crew to consider their back arches and try to engage their glutes as we all focused on downhill running.

I enjoyed a short run home from work through the falling snow.


25F morning run to work. Thankfully the streets were dry and not slippery.

Poignant quotes from this article:

  • Heroic greatness escapes most, but you don’t have to be “great” to matter or to register positively in the lives of others. Peace can be found in knowing that who you are is plenty good enough.
  • The real trial isn’t in ascending the peak or skiing a gnarly fall line; it’s dealing with the mundaneness of grinding out daily existence and doing it in a way that gives us meaning.
  • The power of validation comes from within, by striving to discover who you are.
  • I see many positive things happening quietly in my community where the endgame is not escape but engagement.
  • We can raise our young to confront hardship and handle imperfection rather than defer that task to later in life when the accumulation of what has been avoided comes calling.


Hilloween! So much fun on the hill! And this year we did it for a fantastic cause! We’ve raised $500 for the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC). You too can contribute right here.

Hilloween 2017


Crawford Gulch Drew Hill (CGDH): 22-miles and 3,000 feet of vert. I felt way better than the last time I ran it… so much stronger on the downhills.

Hi J & M!

More Sewing:

My sister let me borrow her sewing machine. Game Changer!! Despite being super intimidated by all the settings and dials. She had already done the hard part of setting the machine up. I laid my first stitches on the Halloween costume that I was planning, and I was shocked. I’d never thought a home machine was capable of such a tight and elaborate zig-zag stitch. I was ecstatic. Suddenly all of the obstacles that had hindered my previous sewing projects – i.e. constantly re-threading my baby sewing machine (now kaput) – were gone, and my ability to produce high quality stitches exponentially improved. Hooray! Much more to come on the t-shirt/hydration vest prototypes!

All in all, it was a great week. I’m excited to keep working on my form to improve my stride and feel stronger leading up to ECSCA 50K.

Endurance Changes Time,



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