WFL 10 | Priority Shift

The perfect storm of tasks put me in the hole this week.

Getting home late from Taos on Sunday put me in a deficit. Monday came along and I had two days of video footage to edit, a blog to compile, and a whole lot of work to come up to speed on at my day job.

My new role supporting the federal employees overseeing R&D of hydrogen fuel cell technology offers me the opportunity to learn a new technology from scratch. As an engineer with 10 years of fairly scattered experience (flight simulation, mechanical design, energy efficiency, building science, sustainability), I am extremely grateful that my employer is investing in my education and specialization. I’ve got a ton to learn, though they’ve provided me with a pathway, resources, and support system to learn it all (while getting paid).

That said, my headspace for running has gone to the back burner. My work days are packed with reading and learning about hydrogen fuel cell components and the myriad of development projects addressing the capabilities of zero emission energy. I’m really glad to have my run commute routine, and training plan written out, as it allows my running to be on autopilot. I can just hop into training without stewing over distances or deliberating over workout intensity. Decision fatigue avoided.

Now that I’ve got that front-of-the-mind-stuff out of the way, I’d like you to know that this was an easy week (running wise) for me. I didn’t feel like my body necessarily needed an easy week, after three fantastic weeks of 85-miles+, but I outlined my training plan with deliberate breaks based around anticipated hard efforts. So trust the plan, I shall.

This week entailed a lower volume of running, but with two high intensity efforts. The first of which was November Project PR Clovers on Wednesday, followed by a 14-mile time trial on Saturday. Both went swimmingly well, and I’m excited to be channeling speed, yet again. My endurance pace as been slow to come around, but that is to be expected.

Wednesday: November Project PR Clovers

Power Tuck’d Clovers Pic: Sarge.

Thursday: PlayGldn

PG Crew looking nice.

Saturday: Wash Park 14-mile Time Trial

Facebook recently reminded me that it’s been 6 years since running my first marathon! The Hyannis marathon on Cape Cod in 2012 … I’m not really sure of the motivation behind it, other than the Runner’s World head band 🙂 I certainly loved it … even despite a first-half hamstring tug!


TBT To my first marathon 6 years ago!!

Endurance Changes Time,


BONUS COVERAGE Last Sundays, mid-drive interval run in Colorado Springs:


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