WFL 9 | Buckle Up

After last weeks 14-mile time trial, I feel that I’m ahead of where I was last year. I held a faster pace during the time trial, but better yet, my body is feeling better than ever and is tuned into the essentials… cadence & stride mechanics.

I re-read this post of mine from last year and had one thought: I was a much better writer back then. Ha! Please forgive me 🙂


AM: Gale force winds! It was crazy. The winds around Golden howled relentlessly all night long. I knew I was in for a battle for my run commute and planned for the short 3-miler, however, I was pleasantly surprised. The winds were going my way. West to east channeling alongside the mesa’s edge. When I got to the uphill of Rimrock Road, the hum of the air currents picked up into a power station buzz. With the sound came a heavy push at my back, assisting my gallop up the hill. It was glee. I’d never felt a floating feeling while running uphill, it was like I was on a walking escalator at the airport, with each pushoff amplified by current.

PM: The Curve sucked the life out of me. I’ve talked about my love for the Curve treadmill by Woodway in the past. It’s self powered, challenges your balance, and provides feedback on your form and efficiency with every adjustment. Well, because of the strong winds outside, I decided to give the Curve a long effort of 70 minutes. I’d be wearing shoes (Altra Escalantes), as I haven’t built up the foot strength to run barefoot for more than a couple of miles at a time. 9-miles later, I was spent, drenched in sweat, and eager to get outside for 3 more miles home.


Sore! My body felt empty. I felt famished when I got home last night. Despite immediate snacking, an ample dinner of Salmon salad, and dessert of cereal and nuts, I still felt empty from the start. My body just felt tired. I knew it was from the new stimulus that the Curve provided. My feet and all my joints just felt tired.


Race day! I’d planned my week around racing the November Project Sunrise 6K, and I was ready for it! I wasn’t quite ready for the pre-5AM wake up call, nor the 23-degree “warmup”, but that’s what makes these days special. I’ve been feeling good at my tempo pace lately, so I just went with it from the start. Cadence, quickness, and toe-roping forward we’re my calling cards.

Toe-roping forward is one I haven’t elaborated on before, but I’m starting to feel it more often when I’m properly powering through my glutes. Imagine there’s a rope around your waist that stretches out ahead of to the finish line. You can picture a vehicle pulling the rope forward, you effortlessly traveling forward both smooth and powerful. Or if you prefer a self-propelled analogy, imagine that your swinging arms are continuously pulling the rope shorter, the finish line closer, your body thrusting forward. It’s a good feeling.

sunrise 6k

November Project Sunrise 6K, Pic: Eric Einstein.

I logged some more miles after a coffee date with Julia, then headed back to the airport for an overnight work trip to DC.


I had a long day of meetings and travel ahead, but it was imperative that I got outside in DC. I was able to run in the AM with co-worker, Greg. Enjoyed a nice tour of the memorials around the mall in Washington DC.

From Lincoln’s Memorial.

After the meetings and trip back to Dulles airport, I used the pre-flight time to walk. I walked for about an hour and 15 minutes through the international/Southwest terminal in Dulles.


I almost bailed on this run. After a mile, I’d convinced myself that I should scale my run back from 20 to 3 miles. I felt tired, hungry, head congested, and didn’t see a point in forcing myself through a long run, when the focus should be on Saturdays long run workout. That said, I started small… let’s just do this baby loop, to let’s just go to that road and turn back. After about 6 easy miles, I’d convinced myself that I could keep going and complete the loop. There was quite a headwind for the second half of the loop, but in the end I characterized every element of this run at “Training”. Running and racing is not always perfect conditions, that’s why it’s good to practice through the not so good conditions. I’m pretty happy with how I talked myself out of quitting by actually turning off my brain. “Just keep the legs moving.”


Julia, KG, and I hopped in the car at 4:20AM and headed towards Salida, CO for the Run Through Time Marathon. Both Julia and Kev signed up last Sunday, and were stoked for an early season, no pressure, jaunt through the mountainous trail system in Salida.

After some deliberation, I convinced myself that this race was not currently in my “Wheelhouse”, given my training and goals. Thusly, I sketched out a road route for myself. A loop of back roads that traveled uphill to the west, south a bit, then downhill to the east into downtown Salida. It looked like I’d get about 2,000 feet of climbing over 24-miles.

I was spot on with the route distance and elevation! It wasn’t easy, but it provided awesome views and a tough workout. I mixed in 8 x 12-minutes of hard running with 8 minutes easy.

I made it back to the finish just in the nick of time to see Kev push to a 6th place male finish!


Kevin cruising to a 6th Place male finish!

Then we spotted Jules on S-Mountain and followed her through to a rockin’ 2nd place female finish!


Julia powering out her 2nd place female finish!

After the race, we chilled, we chatted, we grubbed, then we hit the road back for Golden. All in a day’s work, awesome job racers!!

Endurance Changes Time,



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