WFL 8 | Striding Out

It is time to get serious about WFLWR. Eight weeks to go, I cannot believe how quickly the clock is ticking away. Here’s what lies ahead:

  • Weeks 9, 8, & 7 were/are scheduled hard, and represent the crescendo of my training volume with 95, 98, and 100+ miles respectively.
  • From there it’s an easy week 6.
  • A moderate taper for week 5, capped off with the Eisenhower Marathon.
  • A moderate/recovery week 4.
  • Week 3 hosts my final Dress Rehearsal of 35-ish long-run miles.
  • Then just 2 weeks to ramp it down before flying across the globe to race in Zadar, Croatia on May 6th.

Tipping the excitement level chart is the fact that after May 6th, Julia and I will be on VACATION for 3 weeks. We are stoked, and it’s all coming upon us swiftly. I’m so grateful that Julia put in so much prep work back in December to plan out our travels by booking six AirBnb’s in five countries. We’ve been on autopilot lately, busy with running, work, & life… yet this all seems to be coming at us in a calm and manageable manner.

I’m in the thick of training now. These big 3 weeks of March will set me up to fine tune and scale back the mileage in May.

Monday: Go for the miles. This week was about the accumulation of miles, with the goal of 70 work week miles. That means 15 miles per day M, T, Th, & F and fewer on W.

I listened to a Science of Ultra podcast on the run home. The guest was Alex Hutchinson, who spoke of his seven pillars of running wisdom. The pillars resonated with my training mindset, particularly  Low Tech/No Tech (#3) and varying workout stimulus (#5).

I felt pretty sluggish on the way home. Perhaps the daylight savings shift has caught up with me?

Tuesday AM: Should I stay flat or climb? I had a workout planned for Lookout Mountain on Tuesday morning, but I just couldn’t convince myself that going up the mountain was the best for me, coming off a lot of climbing in the prior week. After much deliberation, I went up Lookout, and enjoyed the trip. I spiced it up with 1-minute intervals both up and downhill.

PM: I’ve been ravenous when I get home on Tuesday afternoons. The combination of the morning workout & afternoon run make it difficult to keep ahead of my hunger.

Bonus: Yoga session at home. My body needed this more than anything. After two days of running and zero body work, today’s hour of yoga  hit all the right muscles. Not only did it loosen my tight calves, hamstrings, hip flexors, glutes, and traps, but it also cleared my head of the busyness of my work day.

Wednesday: Sleeeeeep. Nine hours of it… felt so good. Though, I still didn’t want to get up and run to work, but it was Pi day, so I knew I’d be rewarded with sweet treats in the office. I took the commuting miles easy peasy, though my left Achilles was ailing a bit. I’ve been increasing my commuting mileage in Altra’s zero-drop sneakers, so I think I need to swap in my more cushy and droppy sneaks to keep my Achilles happy.

I only ate 4 pieces of pie at work.

Thursday: PlayGldn 90-seconds up, 60 seconds down. I was tentative during our warmup, as to whether or not my tender Achilles would allow me to push the effort on the 90 second sprints. I worked out in the Nike Pegassus which offer a greater toe-heel drop and more cushion under foot. Once the workout started, I was in the zone, and forgot all about my Achilles.

I taped both Achilles with Kinesiology Tape to stimulate circulation and healing. It’s a reminder to get back to doing the little things to take care of my body: (1) Big toe flex, (2) minimize right leg crossover through glute engagement.


Friday: I banged out a morning 14+ miles along the Clear Creek bike path. It’s an out and back with downhill towards Denver. I actually didn’t begin to feel good until about mile 7, which was just after I turned around and started my gradual uphill trek back to Golden.

This run put me at 70 for the work week. Goal #1 of this hard week, Complete. Goal #2 is Saturday’s long run  – a point to point marathon – along Highway 93 to Boulder. This is a route that I ran once before and felt terrible. Here’s hoping that I’ve got some life tomorrow!

Saturday: Boxcar or Bust. I felt so confident during this run that I contemplating the weeks ahead with vigor. I even thought about sneaking in a 50k race in place of my week 3 “Dress Rehearsal”. Later while drinking our coffee, Julia reminded me to keep training boring. That was our mantra during last years Wings For Life training, and thus far we’ve kept true to it again… the little steps (the process) add up to the big celebration (the race). We’ve gots to continue to bask in the enjoyment of the training, and we’ll celebrate on race day, the A Race Day on May 6th.

Endurance Changes Time,


Must outrun the cars. Don’t make eye contact. 


3 thoughts on “WFL 8 | Striding Out

    • Hey Nina! Thanks for the query! I really don’t change my eating habits for long runs. I just about always eat a cereal mix for dessert and only a light breakfast before long runs (bagel, pb & coffee). Best thing to keep going during long runs is to eat something every 30-mins (honey stinger gel/waffle) and/or drink something w/calories (Tailwind/Gatorade). Hope this helps! Keep crushing it!

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