WFL 7 | Culmination of Time

It was a big week. Thankfully, it was the biggest and toughest of this training block… and I survived. The final miles which pushed me over the 100 mile threshold for the week were the hardest, but that’s a testament to the training stimulus that I respond best to. Here’s how it unfolded:

Monday*: Log the miles, 12.3 to be exact. Easy miles to and from work.

Tuesday: Keep logging the miles, 18.3 to be exact. I did a workout commute in the morning of 12 x 2:30 with, 1 minute easy. The plan during the day was to stay ahead of the eating game. At work I had pop tarts, a bagel, Julia’s famous oat bars in adition to my standard fare. There was no way I’d let myself fall into a calorie deficit!

Wednesday: I worked from home, so I ran the road to White Ranch in the morning for 8 miles round trip. I had pretty high energy and my body felt great…. I think I won yesterday’s eating game 🙂

Thursday: Pushing it with PlayGldn. Julia thought we should incorporate a PR type workout at PG. Since we usually do 3 hill reps during a workout, she decided upon a 3 rep time trial at an all-out effort. We named it “TriSummitTops“, created a Strava segment, and hyped it to the gang. The workout was a great success. 40-ish minutes of sustained effort ain’t easy to corral, but with this crew, that hill, and the kiss of the sunrise, we pushed each other through it.

Rolling off the morning high, I sat at my desk fantasizing: Should I race in the 100k Road Championships in Madison, WI??? It falls on the same day as the Eisenhower Marathon, so I figured, why not swap 26 miles for 62 miles? Even Steven, right?!

After much internal deliberation and travel scheming, I needed to consult with Julia to get her input. I was secretly hoping that she would immediately shoot it down, though she didn’t. She heard me out, listened to the pros/cons, and let me decide to shoot it down. Wait a minute, was she scheming me??

Anyway, Julia reminded me that my focus for the year is on shorter (marathon distance) events. And that the three 50-milers that I’ve done, have all left me depleted and unenthused. And that I’m already past the time frame to adequately taper for a 62 mile race… so why set myself up for an even further “reach” race, and sacrifice my WFLWR potential? She is a bright one.

So I swept my 100K fantasy under the rug for another year, and refocused on Eisenhower (still haven’t signed up though). This read was a secondary reminder to reel myself in:

Peter Bromka:  You slip into the greedy runner mindset where more feels better and too much almost never seems enough — until you’re injured, frustrated and filled with regret, “Why oh why did I think I could do all that?!”

The moment I feel myself tempted to “take a crack” at a big week or big month I try to settle down and remember, “bit by bit, layer by layer, get there in time.”

Friday: I was off from work on Friday, and wanted to set my back-to-back long runs up right, so I drove to Crawford Gulch for the Epic CGDH 22-miler. I remained relaxed on this run, despite the 3,000 feet of climbing. I really enjoyed the peace of the road and listened to a few podcasts, including Ted Radio Hour ‘s”Nudge“. I highly recommend this episode to learn about habit forming and behavior nuances, especially gender related ones. The Ted Radio Hour podcast as a whole is a worthy running partner, providing thought provoking ideas.

The Road: Drew Hill.


I was over ambitious, but glad I took a stab at it. The plan was for 31 fast miles (Why? I don’t quite remember). Was I crazy, yes. Was I dumb, probably. Was it ok, yup. I ended up depleted by mile 15, but got myself to fight through 13 more miles to the bitter end. I blabber quite a bit in my video about the benefits of those last 13 miles. Training is training in all capacities. Here’s the wrap up:

  • Highs/lows – Reel myself back in after a positive week. Get grounded.
  • Pacing – Goals for Eisenhower marathon… not going for a world record. Instead, it will be a training run, stick to the plan, and practice consistent pacing for WFLWR. Sure I hope to log a new Marathon PR, but ultimately I need to remember that the real race is still a month away.
  • Uncomfortable/Mental – This is training. Miles can be logged in any which way. Growth from those miles comes in challenging yourself through different paces and distances and emotions.

Bottom line is that I survived my big week. I’m healthy, and currently replenishing my reserves to absorb the last 3 hard weeks of training. Next week will be a much deserved easy week!

Endurance Changes Time,



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