WFL 6 | Big Reset

The work of last weekend left me tired and weary for most of this end. I aimed for an easy week, but my lack of energy and motivation left it feeling like a step back in my training, rather than a restorative rebuilding week. Oh well, I did my best to get quality sleep, Julia continued to keep me fed with afternoon smoothies, and by Thursday I felt somewhat normal again.

Monday: Sleepy tired. Ran to work, foam rolled in the gym, and put my legs up the wall.

About that calorie deficit… I worked so hard to contain last week, yet I couldn’t catch up after this weekend. I felt hungry all day at work, and didn’t have any extra snacks to tide me over.

Tuesday: Beautiful snow coated morning. Most of it was melted by the afternoon.

Green Mountain from NREL.

Wednesday: I was bummed to skip NP Clovers, but my body wasn’t recovered from last week, and I needed to respect that. More sleep, more food, less running was all that mattered this week.

I ended up slipping in an hour long run to White Ranch in the morning before working from home. I was glad to get this run done in the morning because it turned cold and snowy in the afternoon. I also got in a revitalizing home yoga session at the end of the day.

Thursday: Easy, breezy PlayGldn miles. Nice and coasty.

After work, I threw together an impromptu workout. I love programming my watch with intervals. As I changed at work, I quickly set 30 intervals of 30 seconds on on 30 off. It so simple, yet gave me a totally needed stimulus for a quick 40 minute run.

Friday: 8 miles to work in Altras. Listened to Semi-Rad founder Brendan Leonard on UltraRunnerPodcast.

I finally signed up for the Eisenhower Marathon! Their website hasn’t been updated for a few years, but I hope these two nuggets are still true:



And this: The race is broadcast live on KABI radio, allowing family members across the world to listen to the broadcast on the station’s website

In other news, I hit 1000 miles for the year on my run home from work, TIME TO PARTY! That’s 1000 miles in 3 months… woof, no wonder I’m tired. We’ll hold off on the party champagne until Croatia in just 5 weeks time!!

Saturday: Was a chill day, with no plans and no obligations. My only priority was to do something creative. I’d been putting off making another hydration vest, not willing to commit the time to make one… I still haven’t tracked it properly, but this one probably took 3 hours… though there were a couple of setbacks, as can be expected:

When the feet don’t pull the fabric along, the thread just keeps jamming the fabric through the grate…. a time consuming mishap.

Every project has that GOSHDARNIT moment, when you realized you screwed up royally. This was that one. Luckily, its was a straight stitch that was easy to un-do.

From the front, with new stash pocket feature under the November Project logo.

The back. I love the way this North Face t-shirt gave detail and texture to the simple design.

This is by far my best hydration vest yet. I made some improvements in pockets, symmetry, and fit. I was so stoked by the feel of it that I went out and ran South Table Mesa.

Sunday: On Easter morning, I got out for a quick jaunt before heading to family festivities. There were snowflakes falling, birds chirping, and quiet roads. I headed out on 32nd Avenue and connected with the Clear Creek Path for a fairly flat road run. I pushed the tempo for 10 solid miles.

Happy Easter from Tabor Lake.

No video this week. Time to taper for the marathon this Saturday. I hope you can follow along on the radio 🙂

Endurance Changes Time,



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