WFL 5 | Are You Ready?

This week is an easy week (capped off by an intermediary race on Saturday) and I’ve been loving the extra free time each day. I took the short route (3mi) to and from work on Monday, so I had oodles of time when I got home. I missed out on yoga over the weekend, so I did a stretch session at home.

On Tuesday, I did the same short commutes and found myself at home by 4:30. I needed to get an oil change before my trip to Kansas on Friday, so I zipped over to Jiffy Lube (sponsor plug) and still had time to spare before dinner. SO MUCH FREE TIME. Better yet, I was glad to cross this off my to-do list and for once not cramming errands in to my work day.

I had a leisurely run out and back on Pine Ridge Road on Wednesday morning. Later in the day I had a work happy hour at New Terrain Brewery. I was planning on biking there, but didn’t really want to shower ahead of time, so I ran instead. Does that make sense? Anyway, the bar is just over 3 miles from home so it gave me an excuse to log a few more miles.

Showing up to a work happy hour in running shorts is not too uncommon in Colorado. I appreciate living up to my work persona: the running guy. Also, it’s a good conversation starter, and I sometimes like to talk about running, so there.

After fielding the question ‘When is the Race?’ (May 6th for those of you new to the program… just one month away), I was faced with the question ‘Are you ready?‘ I was kindof stymied by this. I haven’t really thought much about being ‘ready’ per se. I feel like I’m just programmed to put in the work. I haven’t necessarily been paying heed to whether the work is paying off or not. While most of my workouts and weekly mileage have been on par if not better than a year ago, I really have no idea how my body will feel on Race day, after traveling halfway across the globe and through 8 time zones.

That said, I’m glad to have a test race in the Eisenhower Marathon on Saturday. I’m trying to manage my expectations and set my mentality for a strong race and a hopeful marathon PR. On the other hand I don’t want racing to tax my body any more than a training run would, so I’m trying to keep my cool … no pressure … high confidence … no expectations. I want to feel good through the finish line. Float, have fun, and work hard.

On Thursday, we had a lovely PlayGldn session of easy group running followed by coffee talk at Pangea. It’s always special when we stay together on our runs and chit chat. I realized how overdue a chill session like this was, and how much I personally needed it. Since I haven’t made it to November Project recently, I’ve been neglecting my social sporting life. Sure, PG mornings have been good, but I’ve been more “business” minded lately, and haven’t let my guard down to truly enjoy the people that I’m exercising with at 6AM.

There were more questions about how I’m feeling ahead of the Eisenhower Marathon, and I still haven’t quite conceptualized the race. I’ve been a bit down on my performance lately, slightly frazzled day-to-day at work, and have noticed a higher heart rate as a result of the extra stress in my life. That said, I didn’t want to tell the gang, nor anyone for that matter what my goals are for Saturday’s race. Frankly, I don’t want to be concerned with time goals. I feel that if I can FLOAT, maintain high cadence powering through my glutes, and a steady drip of nutrition from start to finish, I will will be pleasantly surprised by the result. Julia’s pre-race mindset memo:

Friday is driving day… about 6.5 hours to Salida, KS. I’m rolling solo, as Julia is working the day and R&Ring this weekend. I cruised 5 miles around Golden before breakfast, and will shower and stretch in the hotel. Yes, can you believe I booked a hotel for myself! I’ve matured from my days of sleeping in my truck at the ski mountain and carving the corduroy nonstop.

I’ll have a post-race recap, wish me luck!

Endurance Changes Time,



2 thoughts on “WFL 5 | Are You Ready?

  1. Too funny Dan! I was thinking…now where is he going to sleep since Julia is not along with him! Glad you got a hotel room and Good Luck in your race tomorrow 😍

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