Wings For Life World Run | U.S. Guide

On May 6th 2018,  Julia and I will race the Wings For Life World Run in Zadar, Croatia. I had the great fortune of winning the event run last year in California, and Red Bull rewarded us with a free trip to any event run for 2018.

This race re-invents road racing through it’s run for your life format. Don’t believe the hype? Read Julia’s play-by-play from last year… great, now is your heart racing and ready to lace up your running sneakers?! The race energy is unlike any other, and I urge you to check it out by participating or following along on race day.

Because we’re huge fans of the event and grateful for the opportunity to run it again, we thought we’d help out our North American friends and family who pepper us with questions about race logistics. Whether you want to participate or spectate or do both, here is a simple guide to get you in the know.

What is the Wings For Life World Run?

  • WFLWR is a running & wheel chair race in which the finish line chases you from behind.
  • All race proceeds benefit spinal cord injury research via the Wings For Life Foundation.
  • Every participant around the globe starts running at the same time.
  • A “catcher car” departs the starting line a half hour after the runners. It gradually increases it’s speed. When the catcher car passes you, your race is over!!

How can YOU participate in the run?

  • The race is on Sunday May 6, 2018 and starts at the SAME TIME around the globe See the U.S. time zone map below to see what time the race starts for you.
  • Check out the locations tab on the WFL website and you’ll find these three options:
    1. Event Run – with Catcher Car
      • There are 11 event cities around the world, with one U.S. location (Sunrise, FL).
    2. App Run – Organized independently in a city (most of the Red Dots below)
      • There is no catcher car, however, you get to run with friends and try to outrun the catcher car via your phone.
      • Download Wings For Life App (IPhone) and register for the App run.
    3. App Run – Personal
  • Once you’ve picked a location join Team Turbo United!
Wings for Life US Timezones

US & Canada WFLWR race starting times. I included a 5-hour window to hint when I hope to finish 🙂

How far will YOU be able to run?

  • They’ve got a handy Goal Calculator on their website, that’ll show you how long you’ll have to cover a certain distance, though it’s all in pesky KILOMETERS! Here’s how to convert to a MINUTE/MILE pace:
    • You’ll have to play around with the Goal Calculator and this Pace Calculator:
Wings For Life Pace Calc Conversion Example

On the LEFT, select a distance to see how much time you’ll have before you get caught. On the RIGHT input the time and distance to calculate your mile splits.

How can YOU track/watch/spectate the World Run?

  • There is live athlete tracking on the website on race day.
  • For a phenomenal live video feed, tune into RedBull TV. They have a control room in Austria where they hop, skip, and jump from one race location to the next.

In case you’re curious, here is where Julia and I will be running in Zadar, Croatia. It will be the afternoon when we begin, and likely pretty warm. As I said before, I hope to be running for close to 5 hours, and I CANNOT WAIT!

I hope you’ll join us for the run! Now go sign up!

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