WFL 2 & 1 | Lift Off

With taper week and travel week, it’ll be race day in no time!

Here is all you need to know for the Wings For Life World Run race on May 6th, 2018: Wings For Life World Run | U.S. Guide

Consistency comes in a lot of forms. There’s something melodious about the process of accumulating mileage and writing blogs. This season I even created some videos as remembrances of my big training days. I’m sure in 20 years or so those videos will be super viral on YouTube. If you want to get caught up on the play-by-play, feast:

I’ll just throw this in there for good measure: Eisenhower Marathon | Just a Test

Running Right:

So with all that out of the way, how have I been feeling? I’m pretty good! My body has felt recovered and niggle-free over the last few weeks. I kept it light and easy last week, throwing in a solid effort of hard downz (downhill repeats) at PlayGldn on Thursday. I followed that up with a longer-than-I-was-originally-planning run from home to my sisters in Louisville. It was 17.5 miles of running in the shoulder on a busier-than-I-like Indiana Street.

Indiana Street

Travel Plans:

Julia left for a work trip in Toronto on Monday. She’ll meet me in Croatia on Saturday. I’m toiling in the alone time at home now, as I’m packing, repacking, and playing out our trip in my head to think of what else to pack! We’re touring Croatia for the first week and a half starting in the capital city of Zagreb, to the race in Zadar, down the coast to Split, and then back up to the peninsula of Rovinj. From there we slip up into the mountains of Bled, Slovenia. We’ll return the rental car back in Zagreb, then hop on a train to Budapest. After soaking in the Turkish baths of Budapest, we’ll ride a train to Bratislava, Slovakia, and then reach our final destination of Prague. Whoa, I’m exhausted just writing that all. Julia and I will try our darndest to relax (particularly in Split), though weren’t not known for “resting” when there’s so much to see and do in new places.


Eastern Europe Travel Plans.

I can’t believe we’re going to Europe again. Julia and I were there two years ago for our honeymoon, and the memories from that adventure are still so fresh in our minds. I mentioned in an Instagram post how in the few days leading up to a trip, I get sentimental about Colorado. Sure, CO is blossoming right now with lush greens and chirpy birds, but it fills me with pride to know that when I go race, I’m representing the  terrain, the altitude, the sunshine, our lifestyle, and everything else that makes Colorado magical.


I’m damn glad to have picked Zadar to race in. The field is stacked in Sunrise, FL with many of last year’s race winners convening at the only North American race location. Good luck to that squad! The only intimidating variable in Zadar is the heat. It’s forecast to be 80F on race afternoon. I’m certainly not accustomed to hot running… given that my last race was in 17F tundra, however, I’m preparing myself to succeed in any conditions.

If I learned anything from Tussey 50 last year its to adjust your goals for the conditions on race day. Just as we saw in this year’s Boston Marathon, those who had flexible goals from the start were able to conserve enough energy to maintain their finishing pace (Desi). Many other racers were focused on a time goal and expended too much early in the race, leading to depletion in the later stages. In Tussey, I was time focused and suffered through the last 20 miles of drudgery.

Aerial PlayGldn footage from Winter John on Dino Ridge.

Here We Go!

I was trying to sum up what this journey and race have meant to me. I love racing, and I’ll do everything in my power to have a great race (which is why I’ve been so nervous these last few days, trying to play out every scenario and make sure nothing catches me off guard. But as per usual, the eloquent Birdie always says it best:

I hope your race is the perfect balance of celebration, fight, and fun!

Endurance Chances Time,



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