A long night to Croatia

10:33AM to Mom, Sister, Julia: Hallo from Munich! Flight was good… 10 hours, more full than I expected. International flying is way different than Southwest. USB outlets and screens in each headrest.  Had chix and rice dinner, and mushroom and egg for Bfast. I tried to sleep, but don’t know if I ever really did fall asleep. And also a bathroom row in the lower level… I frequented many times for walking breaks and cause I was guzzling water and OJ. It’s so nice to be back in Deutschland! Got a 2 hour layover till LH1712 to Zagreb. Just got a caffe lungo and veggie quich for (2nd) Bfast:

Thoughts while flying:

  • Zagreb Dinamo Football
  • Mario Fraoli, Morning Shakeout, Like the Wind mag
  • Ammonia, an easy-to-store molecule made of three hydrogen atoms stuck to one atom of nitrogen.
  • Salzburg RedBulls vs Marsaill
  • On Yuki Kawauchi: How do you go about beating people who are better than you? Look to Ali and Foreman. Open with something they’re not expecting. Take them outside their comfort zones. Get inside their heads. Make them make stupid mistakes. Conventional wisdom said that nobody who goes out hard in Boston wins.

2:13PM: Made it!2:23PM to Julia: Guess what! I booked the rental car in Zadar not Zagreb!! I went to rebook with Avis and it would’ve been 3x more $$!!! I just booked a reasonable car online. All good! Proud of my troubleshooting!3:34PM to Julia: The people are friendly and it’s lush beauty here… there a run/Bike path all the way to the airport.6:30PM via Strava: Running: The best way to realize you have not a clue where you’re going, yet don’t panic.6:40PM via Instagram: Running thru a foreign village provides a stark reminder how curiosity unravels our navigational beacon.

8:22PM to Julia: Just survived my first Croatian dinner at Konoba Burkara. I was the only patron in this highly rated joint at 7:30PM on a Friday night??? Started with a juicy salad and bread. Main dish of Pork cutlet stuffed with cheese and meat, with fried potatoes:8:50PM to Pace: I’m here in Zagreb Croatia, and still can’t believe this is happening. I sure as shit won’t let down the turbo fan base. Thunder.8:52PM to Mom: Heyo, I survived my first day in a foreign world! The few Croatian interactions I had today were all very pleasant and helpful. I wish I could even attempt to speak on their native tongue, but they are all very good at English. Had a pork cutlet, friend potatoes, and salad for dinner…. I was the only one on the restaurant, and it was yummy!

9:22PM to Julia: Welp, guests just came into my room while I was in bed. Not their fault!! And, there’s hammering happening as well. But I have come to expect all that stuff these days.



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