About (circa 2-1-11)

“Refuse to compromise the life you love”

I love many things. Most of which center around being outside and running around. Running, biking, swimming, skating, shredding, competing. Also I have a need to express my creativity through design whether it’s creating graphics, web design, blogging, sawing, drilling, painting, or playing music.

I realize that my lifestyle has grown eerily close to self-sufficiency. I cut my own hair, cook my own food, brew my own coffee, design my own clothes, and perform my own home, bike, & vehicle maintenance. If there is some sort of mechanical aptitude associated to a task, I feel that I can replicate it and perfect it on my own terms. There is something gratifying about accomplishing a new skill, but also in learning about yourself through the process. Not only is this fulfilling personally but also a convenient way to save money.

These characteristics have made me realize my ‘awareness’ of the world around me. I often credit my awareness to my successes as a snowboard racer at Copper Mountain. In ski & snowboard racing there is a critical need to be aware of your body, your equipment, and the terrain that you are covering. Arm movements, eye direction, boot flex, slope grade – all provide conflicting forces on the body and the resulting performance of the racer.

I am fortunate to carry over this awareness to recommending solutions for energy efficiency, sustainability, life cycle assessment, supply chain management, and recycling/waste management. I take my appreciation for problem solving, combined with an eye for thrift, and a keen awareness to availability of comparable processes and apply this to cleaning up business operations.

Eat right, Buy right, Plan right, Save right, Thrive right.