More Books from 2021

Living Beautifully- Pema Chodron

Buddhist vows/commitments of groundlessness: Pratimoksha, Bodhisattva, & Samaya.

The moral ambiguity of human existence.

Rather than being disheartened by the ambiguity, the uncertainty of life, what if we accepted it and relaxed into it?

Yes, this is the way it is; this is what it means to be human, and decide to sit down and enjoy the ride.

Awakening -Enlightenment- Freedom.

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Taking Heat for Granted

Whoa, last night I got one of those oh-crap-I’m-a-homeowner scares. At 7PM our thermostat read 69F, which is fairly normal. I’d just put Max to bed, though he didn’t want to wear his blanky (zipadee-zip/sleepsuit – best invention ever). After leaving his room, I kicked the thermostat up a few degrees, hoping to get some nice warmth into Max’s room before the temperature sets back at 9PM (to 66F).

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Run to the Hill

Today I woke up early, 3:15 early, to head off on an adventure. I’ve been eager to run the road to Mt Evan’s summit this year, since signing up for the formal race to the top back in January. The June race was cancelled, and despite the 14 mile access road being closed to motorists all summer (thus wide open for cyclists and runners), I never made the trek.

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